Site Project
System Construction

The most important thing to consider when creating a site project is to find the best web planning partner.
Before starting a project Travel Consulting carefully research the demographics of your target audience.
We analyze their surfing and search criteria, look at what they want and what they need from a web site, and study their web tracks and their browsing history as well as their surfing methodology.

We then compile market research for the target audience, implement thorough web site promotion, through SEO(Search Engine Order), Affiliate Programs and SEM(Search Engine Marketing) and carefully consider the site’s user interface and communication and feedback processes.

These procedures ensure that your web site directly targets your audience, and the information gathered and analyzed helps you with planning your future web projects.

Travel Consulting provides a comprehensive range of services to meet your web project demands, including;

Full web project management, overall web site design, navigation blueprints, layout and frame design, content planning from your original documents, graphic design and Flash imaging.

We nurture and improve your ideas from your initial concept to web reality and beyond, with full web site management and on-going promotion.

Travel Consulting’s system offers you premium levels of performance at an outstandingly affordable price, with design,

system construction, consulting and full installation and implementation to match your individual requirements.

Your system is completed only when you are happy!

At Travel Consulting, we believe in delivering the system that you want and need. We start by analyzing and defining your requirements, through close consultation and dialogue with your own company’s key team players to formulate a project plan and schedule.

A mock-up demonstration site, matching your requirements, is then created as a skeleton structure; a starting point from which we will eventually bring your website to life!

Throughout the process we consult regularly with your key team players to ensure that you and your company are fully informed of any progress and changes that are being made.

Our systems incorporate full data protection, privacy protection and viewing privilege administration, making them fully compliant with the Japanese SOX Law and Company Regulations.

Once your system is completed and operational, we continue our service through regular, on-going improvements and maintenance to meet your ever-changing requirements.

Site management
Web Promotion

Crating your first company web site and promoting is effectively is difficult and most companies find the task of frequent updating impossible to achieve. Constant web site updates are both cost and time consuming for companies.

The Internet has developed into one of most effective marketing and advertising tools, easily rivaling television, radio and the traditional printed media.

The power of Internet marketing cannot be exaggerated too highly and your search engine ranking is the single-most important factor in the success of your web site. To achieve a high ranking SEO(search engine order) we use a wide range of SEM(search engine marketing).

Banner-type messaging and affiliate advertising

Your banner-type messaging and affiliate advertising are introduced to key portal sites, search engines and also to popular blogs, for example, Yahoo, Google, etc.

This gives you the public relations coverage equivalent to taking a full-spread advertisement in a nationwide Yellow Pages.

Listing advertisement

We consult fully to recognize your key-words (for example, AdWords for Yahoo and Overture for Google) to maintain synchronization in all search engine sites, whilst keeping costs within your individual budget.

We provide targeted marketing through key-word searches to facilitate Sponsor Results and Sponsored Links in diverse screen areas (e.g. top area, right area, etc.)

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

We provide

-First-page ranking
-Search site key-words
-Cost effective marketing
-Management Services
-Professional consultation

Strategy of site management

Travel Consulting helps to support your business by providing unique web management services promptly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Automatically updating your web site can be easily achieved though Travel Consulting’s management screen – your staff input information, company news or press releases though the web site management screen and your web site is automatically updated with your fresh content.

Your labor costs are reduced as Travel Consulting take charge of the management systems.

Changing, updating and refreshing your web page is simplicity itself with Travel Consulting’s management system – a system that is fast, requires no expertise, limits staff easy to track and observe the results of the SEO measures that Travel Consulting implement in the promotion of your web site.

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