It produces from the consulting, the analysis, and the planning of enterprise Web site, and even operation does production in total.

All processes from the planning to the site design, the application development, and the platform offer when the Web site is constructed can be produced in-house, and unified management is not only becoming possible but also it effective in an outflow, individual information, and a corporate secrets leak measures of knowhow. Moreover, it progresses to not only the production of a mere Web site but also a wide field like the marketing research, the promotional strategy, and the communications plan decision, etc. , and the Web site in which it cooperated more than before is planned, the advertising agency etc. construct in past mass medias of the television and the magazine, etc. while cooperating, and it proposes marketing and promotion that uses the Internet to its maximum.

Construction of strategic WEB site

It has abundant results to construct the Web site, and not only production but also the site diagnosis service based on knowhow is provided. In total, I will support strategic Web site construction that exists in user's purpose. (Aim at no "Shown site" it, and "Site that can be used". )

Site renewal

I will not do a customer increase without the update on the site. It becomes quite serious work if there are neither server log in knowledge nor knowledge of HTML when the maintenance work of a regular update etc. is done in-house every day.
It matched to customer's needs, and will be the support including a renewal project and the proposal. Moreover, it is time when it is set the project etc. , and I will offer the design that can be refined by even requesting only the design.

Function addition
It is possible to make it to convenience and the Web site that can be effectively used by adding the function to sites of the member management and the update function addition, etc.
The work load can be decreased by adding the application that can do the regular update work on a browser.
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